T.C.M. DI TORTORA GAETANO & C. S.R.L. was founded in 2000, thanks to the experience gained in the construction of machines and plants for the food industry and stainless steels works, a fundamental activity in food processing.

Based in one of the most renowned regions for the production of tomatoes, TCM has also collected the deep Italian experience in this specific sector.

In these years, TCM has developed numerous projects in Italy and in the world for the complete cycle of processing from fresh tomatoes to direct packaging (pouches, metal tins, etc.) or aseptic filling.

Further complete and challenging projects have been developed both in the handling and emptying of large commercial drums, as well as for the transport of packaging, cleaning and heat treatment.


TCM refers to a national network of engineering firms that provide high-performance, cost-effective technical services to our customers worldwide.

Our engineering approach provides shared and extensive expertise for all our customers, regardless of the countries in which they operate. We can implement the best mix of our capabilities through well-integrated work sharing and a technical performance management system.

The experience in process, mechanical, electrical and control engineering allows us to execute integrated projects, in the times and within budget limits.

The sharing of innovative technologies and processes in our network of professionals and experts promotes the technical quality of projects and improves the speed of response to customer needs.


TCM can directly install the units of its production to end users. With this service, TCM can directly support all installation activities:

    • Installation of support structures and equipment in the field
    • Piping connection
    • Electrical installation for power connections
    • Implementation of the control system from the signals from the instruments in the field
  • Installation and networking of possible facilities

TCM supports the customer’s team with instruction manuals, training and start-up service directly in the field.

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TCM’s extensive engineering and project management experience support our consulting experience.

We provide projects and solve problems in all our sectors, from the process food industry and the management of the entire packaging flow.


TCM provides excellence in the construction of equipment, providing units or assembled components directly to the customer.

Based on detailed technical drawings and built in a 3000 square meter building, the final product is the result of the quality of the materials, the construction practices and the level of care and quality control in the construction process.


TCM has always been aware of the fact that automation plays a key role in integrated production and, thanks to the professionalism of its engineers and their expertise in food processing processes and technologies, offers solutions for the realization of complete “Keys in hand “with integrated control and supervision.
The TCM automation ensures correct, safe and functional operation of your processing systems and can control single phases or the complete production process, in all phases of their operation (production, cleaning, sterilization, etc.)